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We take pride on our work and aim to get you a beautiful website in just a few days, learn a little bit more about us below

Who We Are

MG Group Solutions is a web design agency who has created several websites for small business in the Southeast ranging from car washes, barbershops, local restaurants, mom-and-pop shops and many more.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver our customers affordable, modern websites that fit in society today. We have years of experience getting websites up and running and ensuring our customers get the opportunity to present themselves to their own customers.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



During this stage we will have reviewed your submitted questionnaire and determine a ballpark estimate for what it will cost to build your website. Confirm maintenance for post-delivery.



In this stage, we will gather all of your needs and wants for your new website and determine any additional costs/paid features you may have to take on to achieve certain functionality. Upon our review on feasibiltiy, you will pay the initial deposit to begin the design.



If you have a current website and cannot afford significant downtime, we will work on a draft version of your website with only a few basic pages to show you the overall theme of the site.



By this stage, you will have approved the draft version of the design and we will proceed with further development to ensure end to end functionality is met based on your initial requirements.



Once you have approved the end to end development of your website, you will pay the second and final payment to us and we will deploy the website to your domain and transfer any of the paid features to your domain. Any new change that must bring us back to step 2 will yield an additional/new deposit to redesign.



Your website will be up and running by this point. We will provide you with a screen recorded training for how to work all of your website features. For example, the training will show you how to add products, users, interact with the parts of the website that require your constant attention. Monthly maintenance is required and explained in detail in our FAQs section.


Here are some of the common questions which are asked

I accept projects that start at $499 with at least half of the deposit and any paid features  paid upfront. However, the final price depends on all of your business requirements, design and functionality. To achieve certain types of complex (non-static) functionality, it may cost a little extra.

Absolutely. Fill out the Estimate Cost calculator for an up-front price on what it may cost to design your website.

It depends on how big you are looking to have the website. After the Prepare and Define steps, we can have most small business websites  ready for your review within 2-3 days.

You as it’s your property. Upon Delivering the final website to you, you can remove us as admins to your website if that makes you feel comfortable. Keep in mind, certain paid functionalities and features that were used to build your website, plug-ins, themes, security  (disclosed in step 1) are paid by us and may be forfeited if you choose not to pursue our maintenance services. We charge the monthly fee for us to keep these these paid aspects of your website up and running. Regardless of the maintenance fee, you are ultimately responsible for the non-admin-related content on your site post-delivery.

I just ask that you allow me to publish your page on my portfolio.

The monthly maintenance fee is $40 per month, billed annually in advance. This maintenance includes updating (paid/free) plug-ins, ensuring no dead links, loss of functionality and no security vulnerabilities.

  1. Immediate resolution of issues if your website goes down
  2. Troubleshooting email issues (if purchased)
  3. Fixing any broken components that may arise due to platform updates
  4. Minimal development changes to the overall design of your website (removing sections, changing descriptions, numbers, and up to 6 pictures)
  5. Creating new admin users
  6. Cyber threat monitoring – prevent hackers from getting in and gaining access to your domain and email (if purchased)
  7. Low cost subscriptions – ensuring you’re always paying the lowest price for the services needed to run your website

No. There will be no downtime while the website is being worked on. Only upon final deployment will there be little downtime. Depending on the complexity of your website and after receiving the initial deposit we can start working on the Design and Development of your website on one of our subdomains. Once you approve, we will collect the final payment and deploy the site to your domain.

Any brand guidelines your business may follow, color schemes, typography, logos. Also have an abundant number of pictures for each of the services you have to offer as that is the best way to prove what you have to offer your clients.

You can expect us to get back to you within 24 hours as to whether we will be a good fit to meet your business needs.

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